About our drivers
Our clearly labelled vehicles, host a team of responsible driver's that have one mission, to get you and your car where you need to be.  

Your friendly team, of uniformed drivers, have passed a comprehensive nation wide criminal background check and have proven they have a good driving history with the Department of Motor Vehicles as apart of our hiring process.

Rest assured you and your car are in good hands.

Learn more about joining our team or APPLY HERE.

Safe & Sensible
We go about providing you with transportation services in a manner that is secure, smart, and sensible. There are several car and transportation services you can choose from; however, not all of them live up to their promises or your expectations. 

With Big Lick Boomerang, you'll notice the bar and service is set a bit higher.

From our reservation team and drivers to the folks in the office, we work as a coordinated team to ensure you're taken care of. It's our way of helping make sure we exceed your expectations. 

Please check out our SERVICES section to see the many ways we can meet your personalized needs.

We also recommend reading the TERMS section before using our service and to learn more about our company.

Opening in September  2016, we decided it was time to get back to the roots of showing you some real southern hospitality in the Roanoke Valley.  

We understand the value of having freedom to drive your own car, but also understand how this may limit you to being attached to your car, if or when plans change.

We are an energetic and happy go lucky group of individuals who are passionate about safety and are committed to getting you and your car from point "A" to point "B" in a time conscious manner.  

Big Lick Boomerang is NOT a taxi and NOT just another designated driver service. 

Big Lick Boomerang,

Roanoke Valley's responsible and reliable choice to get you and your car home safely.

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