Dont let the rain get you down.

Date night

Vehicle retrieval

Our drivers must prove a good track record with the DMV and pass a nationwide comprehensive criminal back ground check before getting behind the wheel of your car.

This includes:

Caught in the rain and don't want to walk back across town to get your car, use our Umbrella Service Valet. We get wet so you don't have to.

Umbrella service valet

Premium Auto Service Valet

Due for service but short on time? We offer a premium valet service to get you back on track. Imagine the simplicity of having your vehicle delivered for maintenance while you're at work and without losing a day of pay or your weekend?

Caught in a moment, or want to impress your date? Book online from your phone and shorten the time it takes you to get home or your next date night location. Use our valet service to surprise your date with curbside pick up. We'll get your keys and retrieve your vehicle for you.

Transferred to the hospital via ambulance from your doctors office? The last thing your spouse needs to worry about is juggling 2 cars when they'd rather be by your side. Use our service to get your car home without losing those valuable first bonding moments.

If you're caught in the rain, have a sprained ankle or your knee is acting up and you don't feel like limping the distance back to your car, use our valet service. Our drivers will come get your keys, pick up your vehicle and bring it back to you saving your time and energy for some much needed recovery.

Bike Malfunction Vehicle Retrieval

Whether you've broken a chain, have a flat tire, get a leg cramp or get caught in the rain, our team of drivers can help you out by providing the ultimate valet service. We will come get your key's pick up your vehicle and return to your location with your vehicle saving you from losing the rest of your day making it back to where you started.

Whether you've gone to urgent care and were worse off than you thought, or simply have to get your car out of short term parking over to long term, we've got you covered! Our valet service will have our drivers pick up your keys and drop your vehicle off as requested.

  • Driver must also be in good standing with the DMV  and provide a copy of their driving record.

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Designated Driver Services

Private Tours

Skip the hastle of large group tours. Book your own, Our local tours start with a consultation and is custom tailered to your needs and wants.  This ranges from local landmarks, neighborhoods, amenities, breweries, wineries and restauarants all at your own pace. You call the shots.

Your breweries, your car, your timing, your friends, any stops, at your pace. with  our driver.  Your personal brewery tour starts with a consultation finding out what suits your needs.   Guests can be picked up independently from their homes so you aren't stuck figuring out how to get back at the end of the day. 

Are you moving locally, into or out of State?  Do you have multiple vehicles or just want to travel together with little ones while your secondary car follows behind?  Do you need to travel ahead via flight but are struggling to arrange transportation for your vehicle?  We can help.  Our drivers can drive the distance for you.

Moving Services

Are you new to town and need someone to show you what's what?  Are you unsure of which community would suit your needs before meeting with a real estate agent or if Roanoke is right for you?  We can help with a personalized tour while you ride in the comfort of your own car, at your own pace.  You call the shots. and can stop to check out the scenery along the way.

New to town or just visiting

Do company policy and procedures require private transport for employees when ill or injured, without the need or use of an ambulance?  Why not have your employee driven to the hospital in the comfort of their own vehicle. This saves them from being stranded once released and helps ensure their vehicle is where it is needed, when needed.

Human Resources

Privately Booked Brew Crawl

Change of Pace Vehicle Retrieval

Medical clinic vehicle retrieval

We send a team of drivers to get you and your car home at the end of the night.  Multiple passenger and multiple location drop off available.

Make us your first call, at last call.

  • a criminal record search
  •  a nationwide criminal search
  • national sex offender registry,
  • national security watch list.

  • social security validation
  • death master record,
  • address history trace
  • known aliases

Your car. Our drivers. Your reasons.

                Roanoke Valley's 1st designated driver service for you and your car.                  

                                Big Lick Boomerang, there when you need us.