Driving isn't an option. It just simply isn't.

Buzzed driving is drunk driving.

Be responsible. 

Hopefully your car hasn't been ticketed or towed by the time you return. No one wants to deal with that expense or inconvenience following a great night on the town.

If you're trusting a friend to drive you, please make sure they also know their limits. 

Feeling uneasy? Thought you might.

Give us a call.

Big Lick Boomerang,

Roanoke Valley's responsible and reliable choice to get you and your car from one destination to another, saving you time and money.

Unexpected trip to the hospital while driving and now you've been admitted? Don't sweat it! We can get your car home.

If you've gone to an event and have had trouble finding parking  or your evening has taken you to another area of town, try our valet service.

We'll get your keys, pick up your car and come back to bring you home.

State inspection due but you have work and don't want to book the time off to go? Don't. We can pick your car up and drop it off. Returning it when your car is ready.

Big Lick Boomerang

Feeling uneasy leaving your car behind in an empty parking lot overnight?

Don't worry about trying to rush back the next morning to pick up your vehicle.

Start your day off right after night out by sleeping in, or having a good breakfast.

Avid cyclist?  Love jogging?  Whether you blow a tire or sprain an ankle and wish you didn't have to limp your way back to your  starting point, use our valet service. We'll come get your keys, pick up your vehicle and bring it back to you.

Have you started upstream with little thought of making it back?  Use our valet service to get you back on track. We'll come get your keys, pick up your vehicle and deliver your car.

The responsible choice.

Outdoor applications.

There when you need us.


Have another need for our service not yet mentioned?

Please call us and we'll see how we can accomodate your request.

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Executive orders

  • State inspection valet
  • Oil change valet
  • Multiple passenger/location drop off

  • Valet Key and car retrieval
  • Designated driver service
  • Hospital vehicle retrieval
  • Umbrella valet service

We send a team of drivers to help get you and your car around town as needed.